Meteorite – 2021

Spring 2021 Edition

Meteorite – 2020

Spring 2020 Edition

Meteorite – 2019

Spring 2019 Edition

Meteorite – 2018

Spring 2018 Edition

Meteorite – 2013

Spring 2013 Edition

Meteorite – 2007

Title and Contents

An Interview With Alvin Plantinga
Joshua Blanchard
University of Michigan

Believe It: The King of France Still Reigns
Adam Rigoni
University of Michigan

Recognizing Ambiguity: How Lack of Information Scares Us
Mark Clements
Columbia University

Propaedeutic to a Deduction of Desire the Phenomenology of Spirit
Jordan Colwin
Yale University

Does Anomalous Monism Have Explanatory Force?
Andrew Wong
Washington University, Saint Louis

Moral Luck and the Function of Results in Punishment
Keith C. Hemmert
Harvard University

On Foolishness: In Arguments We Must Value Only Truth
Robert Trueman
Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University

(Un)Doing Critical Philosophy: Reflections on Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory
Larry McGrath
University of California, Berkeley

Meteorite – 2004

Front Matter and Contents

Letter From the Editor

Salvaging Descartes’ Géométrie
Jason B Hill
University of Michigan – Flint
Upsala University

The Culture of Industry,
Ugly Art & The Poverty of Cruelty
Marcos Mendoza
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Compact Rational Moral Commentary
Discussing Kant’s Ethical Thought With Allen W Wood
An Interview By
Joshua M Hill & Anthony O’Rourke

Kingdoms of Virtuous Pixies

An Imperative Debate Between Aristotle and Kant
Erin Kealy
Georgetown University

a philosophical argument for Meme(tic)s
Adam Conover
Bard College

Hegel and the Pathway of Despair
Dylan Trigg
University of London – Birkbeck College

Vagueness: Language vs. Logic
Ian Schnee
Oxford University

Meteorite – 1998

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