Our Staff

Tristan Sirls – Co Managing Editor

Tristan is a Senior majoring in Philosophy and Cognitive Science. His interests in philosophy are metaethics and philosophy of mind. In his free time, Tristan enjoys reading, playing video games, and running. In the future, Tristan hopes to go to law school and become a disability rights attorney.

Veronica Sikora – Editor in Chief

Veronica is a senior double-majoring in Philosophy and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. She is interested in bioethics, the philosophy of science, and epistemology. Her hobbies include cooking, weightlifting, reading, and spending time in nature. After graduation, Veronica plans to attend graduate school in genetics, then in philosophy. She is unsure what long-term career she’d like to pursue, but she is generally interested in applying her philosophy background to science advocacy, policy, and/or education. For her senior thesis she is developing a podcast on ethics issues in genetics (‘genethics’) and hopes to produce similar public content in the future. 


Leo Ratté – Correspondent

Leo is a 4th year philosophy major from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is interested in French existentialism, ancient philosophy, and epistemology. Leo loves spending time outdoors–especially rock climbing, backpacking, and all kinds of alpine activities. He also likes playing guitar and trumpet, and loves watching movies (particularly those directed by Denis Villenueve). For information on his career goals, he would quote Plato’s Apology, 21D: “I neither know nor think I know”.


Kyto Batt – Social Media Manager

Kyto is a Junior majoring in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics. His interests in philosophy are metaphysics and ethics. In his free time, Kyto likes to lift weights and play the electric guitar. After undergrad, Kyto hopes to go to law school and practice in NYC.


Mrinalini Gupta – Co Managing Editor

Mrinalini is a third-year majoring in psychology and philosophy. One of her interests in philosophy is the study of ethics. She enjoys baking and hiking in her spare time. Mrinalini hopes to become a psychologist in the future.


Robert Dedvukaj – Conference Chair

Shannon Yeung – Correspondent and Editorial Designer


Paul Young 

Paul Young is a senior at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor pursuing a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. His main interests in philosophy include metaphysics, ethics, philosophy of mind, and epistemology. Paul’s primary hobbies are thinking about life (duh), video-game development, and entrepreneurship. Concerning his career Paul’s main goal is to create games and products that empower people to become impactful critical thinkers, decision-makers, and ultimately leaders. Driven to make his dream happen, Paul is U of M’s 1st-ever philosophy major to join the Entrepreneurs Leadership Program (2022 Cohort) and 1st-ever philosophy major to pursue the Multidisciplinary Design minor through the College of Engineering, earning academic credits working as a Game Designer and Marketing Lead on the WolverineSoft Studio game-dev team.


Austin Soto

Austin Soto is a fifth year senior majoring in physics and sociology, with a minor in philosophy. He enjoys playing soccer and writing instrumental music. He plans to pursue a career in urban planning and development.

Abigail Najar

Abigail is a junior studying psychology and philosophy, minoring in crime and justice. Her philosophical interests include language and epistemology. She plans on attending law school after graduation and some of her hobbies include swimming, shopping, and baking.

Joyce Lu

Joyce is a senior studying computer science with a minor in philosophy. She likes learning about different philosophies on life and enjoys learning arguments against philosophical theories. Her goal is to be a lawyer (most likely a patent lawyer). Her hobbies include playing video games, going to museums, and working out.


Ashley Jellison

Ashley (she/they) is a junior, majoring in philosophy and political science. Their interests in philosophy includes the philosophy of psychiatry, as well as exploring aesthetics in artworks within the medieval era. Outside of school, Ashley enjoys yoga, traveling, and exploring new coffee shops. Their career goals include changing the way we speak about mental health in America, by creating and advocating for better mental health rights laws.

Annalee Miklosek

Annalee is a sophomore at the University of Michigan double majoring in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, with a coding specialization. Her main philosophical interests include the nature of reality and human perception (ontology) and whether or not consciousness can be artificially recreated. She also is passionate about aesthetics and philosophical theology. Outside of her studies, Annalee enjoys baking/cooking, yoga, and listening to music. She is also a part of Epsilon Eta, Michigan’s first Professional Environmental Fraternity. In the future, she hopes to work in artificial intelligence, creating technological advancements that both sustainable and ethical.


Marley Hornewer

Marley is a Senior who is double-majoring in Philosophy and Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. They hold interests in social/political philosophy, feminist epistemology, the metaphysics of gender, and action theory (particularly: when are actions autonomous?). Marley is currently writing an interdisciplinary Honors thesis which explores questions regarding a patient’s self-conception and (lack of) self-governing agency when sick with the disease anorexia nervosa. Marley joined the Meteorite team so that they could read awesome philosophical writing and contribute to the production of knowledge! After undergrad, Marley intends to pursue a PhD in Philosophy.

Dominique Gaston

Dominique is a fourth year Philosophy Major and Religion Minor. Her interests encompass psychoanalysis, phenomenology, German Idealism, theopoetics, and process philosophy. Naturally, she desires to become a psychoanalyst/Jungian Analyst. Beyond school, she mainly spends her time playing classical cello.